The World’s Collider Table of Contents

Well here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. After much deliberation, banging my head against the wall and the odd consultation with the wife, here is the lineup for the World’s Collider anthology. Note that the order and titles of the stories are subject to change.


Dead Lights — Jonathan Green

Innervisions — James Moran

The Rise and Fall of the House of Ricky — Kelly Hale

Displacement — Aaron Rosenberg

Coming Scream — Simon Kurt Unsworth

Doors — Paul Pearson

Closure — Pete Kempshall

Caught — Elise Hattersley

Black Whispers — Trent Zelazny

Collisions — Dave Hoskin

Antiprocess — Megan N. Moore

Twitchers — Richard Wright

The Last CEO — Jordan Ellinger

Basher — Jonathan Templar

TBD — Steven Savile

I think you’ll agree, that’s quite a lineup. In addition there will be some special bonus stories that will be featured on my website. These will be announced later.

I want to take a moment to thank not only the writers who made it but also those who missed out. The level of talent on display has been breathtaking, and the enthusiasm for this project heartwarming. Thank you everyone.

The writers and I will now be retiring to a secret underground bunker to hammer out the details of this amazing shared world we’re creating. Wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “The World’s Collider Table of Contents

  1. Congrats to all involved and thanks to Richard for the opportunity to pitch a new anthology. The bad news is I won’t be there with you all to develop an intriguing new world (or the end of an old one, really). The good news, however, is that with me out of the picture, it made room for another writer to bloom. Also, it’ll give me my second self-published story soon, and that’s pretty exciting, too.

    Take care and best wishes,

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