Shark Larks

This blog has been very quiet recently and for good reason. I've been working on a secret project that might well be my highest profile release ever, if I ever finish it. To say it's been a challenge is understatement of the year, but I'm getting on top of it and making inroads now. In the meantime, I wrote a new short story! Last year I was invited by World's Collider contributor and Pax Britannia creator Jonathan Green to write a story for his forthcoming anthology, Sharkpunk. This brand ne...

A Whirlwind Launch Week (updated)!

What a week it's been! Two titles came out on the same day (December 9th) and behaved in very different ways. One was Fantasy For Good, a new anthology featuring a ton of amazing talent, with all proceeds going to the Colon Cancer Alliance. The other was my debut novel, The Patchwork House, a haunted house story with a time travel infusion.Let's hold on Fantasy For Good for a moment. Yes I'm talking about my own novel first, in a blatant attempt to publicize it to anyone coming here for info abo...

A plethora of newsy things!

So much time and so little news! I may have got that backwards. Errr... The Patchwork House It's real! It exists... At least for pre-order. Reserve your copy now before the internet runs out of data. It could happen! Oh and take a look at the cover in all its glory. Very pleased with how this turned out. Getting the right cover for this book was quite a task, and I have Justin Terrell of Azarath Designs to thank for this haunting image. Yummy. Here's the book description... How do y...

Epic Release Date Face-Off Thingy!

Up until a month ago, two huge movies were vying for the same release date. For a while there it was Superman v Batman versus Captain America 3. Both Warner Bros and Marvel were adamant that May 6th 2016 was the ideal weekend to launch two very expensive flagship movies. In the end, Warner Bros blinked. Dawn of Justice (younger sister of Buffy of Justice) will now be released in March 2016. Another project, almost as highly anticipated as Batman v Superman, has also had to move it's relea...

About Bloody Time!

Hello dear readers. Yes, it's certainly been a long time since I posted an update to this fair site. I'm sure you've been unable to breathe in the meantime, so I'm sorry if you ended up asphyxiating on my account. The day job bestowed upon me a promotion at the start of 2013 and things have been insanely hectic ever since. My writing output for the last five months has slumped to almost nothing. But stuff has happened. Oh yes! It has happened. Let's crack on with some exciting updates! (m...

This Is How You Die

This Is How You Die is the follow up to the enormously successful, internationally famous Machine of Death. My story, Your Choice, made the cut despite going up against over 2,000 submissions! This is both amazing and very humbling, and I'm absolutely delighted to be a part of this ongoing phenomenon. Mine is a choose-your-own-adventure style story, but more than that I can't say. It was a blast to write, though it took a lot of effort to get all the various moving parts lined up. I'm del...

No time to write? Get a dog!

So during August and September I wrote a novel. Yeah I know, it came as a shock to me too. This haunted house tale (with a difference!) currently clocks in at 71,000 words, which is more than I've produced on a single project since I was in university and I wrote a Doctor Who book called Two's Company. Yes it was dreadful but it was 75K and it actually made some sort of sense. I was quite proud of that. Since then of course, life has gone out of its way to ensure I don't have the kind of time...

Why World’s Collider Quit Open Casket Press

So it's all over the internet, there isn't much need to be diplomatic any more. I don't go out of my way to badmouth anyone, but in this case I think it's important that everyone who has had negative dealings with a certain publisher needs to speak out. The more of us come out of the closet on this, the less new writers will fall into the same trap. I'm talking of course about Open Casket Press, one-time publishers-to-be of World's Collider. This small press is a one-man show, run by Anthony ...

Machine of Death 2 – the table of contents!

I'm proud of (most of) my story sales, but last year when I heard I'd made it into Machine of Death 2 I couldn't believe it. The sheer volume of submissions (nearly 2,000!) was mind-boggling, and for my tale to be picked out of such a huge slush pile was astonishing and deeply humbling. So here is the table of contents for the second volume of this best selling anthology series. Courtesy of the Machine of Death site, lots of details have been revealed. There's no release date yet, but interes...