Wildthyme in Purple – The Cover is Revealed! (Plus a Panda on Ice review)

You’ve got to hand it to Obverse Books, they have an uncanny habit of putting out books with gobsmacking covers. Here’s the latest to be revealed, the striking cover image for Wildthyme in Purple by Mark Manley. The latest Iris Wildthyme short story collection will be released in November and features a story by me. But don’t let that put you off. Here’s the full list of confirmed writers to get you salivating (note, this list has been updated as of August 29th):

David McIntee
Nick Campbell
Richard Salter
Richard Wright
Simon Bucher-Jones
Iain McLaughlin
Steve Mollmann
Paul Dale Smith
Paul Ebbs

…and more to come…

Yummy. In other Iris related news, my story, Panda on Ice, in Iris: Abroad received some very nice comments from a reader on Gallifrey Base. While not a review of the collection, an Iris fan called Garstansinilliam wrote the following to the Obverse editors:

Since my last post in this thread, I now own all the Iris collections that you’re capable of selling to me. So even when I go in with my Grumpy Critical Hat on, there’s always at least one slice of fried gold to keep me gleeful.

Like “The Story Eater” and “Panda on Ice” in Iris: Abroad.

That latter of which was written by Richard Salter, who I see is involved this time as well….

My wallet hates you.

When I thanked him for the kind words and asked permission to repost them here, he added:

Go ahead! It was a story that took me utterly by surprise with each little twist, and then shocked me all the further by going through with it without “reset”.

Lingered long in the memory….

That made my weekend, let me tell you.

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  1. The line-up has unavoidably changed since the initial announcement, btw, with Cav Scott and the two Marks having to drop out due to other commitments and being replaced by Geoffrey Hammell, Joe Cuderi and – if all goes to plan – another of the engimatic Petit sisters…

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