World’s Collider update and Kizuna in paperback

First things first, Kizuna – Fiction for Japan, is now available in paperback . This collection, benefiting orphans affected by the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, is well worth picking up.

For now, only has copies. Hopefully it will be appearing in paperback on the UK and Canadian sites. I can’t wait to hold that beautiful cover in my hands.

Now on to World’s Collider. Half a month after the deadline I despaired at how little progress I had made. Then I added up the numbers and it’s actually not so bad. All the proposals are sorted and I have a good picture of how the overall narrative will look. The details will wait until the commissioned folks start talking on the writers’ group, but having an idea of where it’s going really helps the decision-making.

So here are the numbers:

Original number of proposals : 80

Proposals to be rejected: 54

Number of probable commissions: 12

Proposals in the undecided pool: 14

So I have made some progress. My biggest task is still ahead though. I have room for two more stories, or one longer one, and I have 14 to choose from. I’m inevitably going to have to leave out ideas I really love and that’s going to hurt like hell. It was bad enough saying goodbye to the 54 proposals I decided against.

While I’ve written a few rejection e-mails, I’ve not sent any out yet. This part of the process is going to take some time so bear with me. I will be sending out all the verdicts, likely en masse, by the end of the month. Thanks for your patience!

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    1. …and hooks Raymond. Don’t forget the hooks.

      I ‘ve nearly washed all the color out of my LHC shirt wearing it “for luck” this month.

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