World’s Collider – Announcing Bonus Stories!

I am delighted to announce that World’s Collider will be bigger than the book it’s printed in! In addition to the stories announced last week, three extra titles have been commissioned and will be featured on this website as free-to-read bonus stories. They will be made available around the same time as the book is published and you can either devour them straight away, or read them in between the stories in the book. (I will let you know where the web-only stories are placed so you can read everything in the right order if you wish!)

So, here then are those exciting bonus stories and their talented scribes!

KEEP CALM and CARRY ON by David N. Smith and Violet Addison

A Million Tiny Kisses by Adam Colston

What Little Boys are Made Of by Nicholas Blake

You won’t have to read these stories to understand what’s going on in the book, but if you want a taste of what World’s Collider will be like before you buy, or you crave more once you’re done reading the book, this is the place to come.

Some other extra special items are also planned. Richard Wright will be blogging about his experiences while we put this epic tome together, and I’ll be running a series of interviews on my site with each of our writers so you can get to know them better prior to reading the book. We have some other ideas too, so keep checking back.

The World’s Collider cover is in the hands of the amazingly talented Carolyn Edwards, who recently illustrated a story of mine beautifully. I am thrilled that she has agreed to take on this project despite her busy schedule, and I cannot wait to see the results.

Stay tuned. I think it will all be worth the wait. And don’t forget to tell any of your friends you think might be interested in this project to “like” the Facebook page!

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