World’s Collider signs with Nightscape Press!

As you may have heard this week, I’ve signed with a new publisher for World’s Collider, the shared-world apocalyptic anthology I am currently editing. Nightscape Press is a brand new venture from two of the editors behind Horror For Good, the charity anthology with the killer line up. Mark Scioneaux and Robert Shane Wilson have big plans for NSP and it’s a thrill to be their first project out of the gate.

There are some significant, positive impacts to the anthology as a direct result of this development.

  • World’s Collider will still be published this year, which is a huge relief to myself and everyone who has put in a lot of time and effort to make this truly special.
  • We’ve talked about a possible sequel, which is tremendously exciting. If World’s Collider 2 happens, it will have the same open door submissions policy as the first volume. Let’s hope the first volume does well enough to justify a second!
  • The three stories intended as web-only additions to the collection will now be part of the anthology itself, both printed and e-book versions. So congratulations to Adam Colston, David N Smith, Violet Addison and Nicholas Blake. Your stories will now see print!

Nightscape Press may be new, but I’ve been very impressed with them since they first approached me about taking on World’s Collider. We have been in touch daily, they have been hugely supportive of what we’re trying to achieve and they genuinely want this venture to be a big success. Some innovative ideas are under discussion regarding getting the word out about the anthology, and our intention is that promotional material should try to enhance the experience rather than just convince people to buy the book. More on this as time progresses.

Coming soon: the cover will be revealed, the final table of contents will be announced and a release date will be set. Watch this space for more exciting developments!

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And while I’m here, this made me laugh out loud, and you can also check if the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the Earth yet at

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