Tell yourself it happens to every writer…

The reviews are in for this:

Yes, they are. Indeed. And very lovely they are too. Moving on hastily to this:

What’s that? You want to hear about those Warhammer reviews? Sure! I’ll get right to them.

So here’s Tim, my old friend from primary school days, posting on Goodreads about my Solaris Rising story…

Of course I jumped straight to Richard’s story “Yestermorrow” first and read his deliciously bittersweet story about living in a time fractured near future where each day experienced is in a random order and different from person to person. I feel a strong influence of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Timequake”, but done right!

Thanks, Tim! Remember that when we get back to Warhammer.

Disaster Couch calls Yestermorrow

…[one of] the stories I really loved in the book…”

while ASIF places Yestermorrow firmly in the “Good” category with the best stories in the collection!

OK fine, Gotrek and Felix. Well… Ooh look!

A great review of Phobophobia!

I can put it off no longer.

According to Shadowhawk, The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnisson is

…quite possibly the flattest story in the entire anthology. 4/10.

Ouch. OK it can’t get worse than that can it? SunTzu on says…

…an anti-climactic note on which to end. 3.5/10

Oh well. Did I mention all those great Solaris Rising reviews?

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