News, reviews and birthday blues…

Lots to catch up on. Firstly, a bittersweet day this past Wednesday. This site turned one year old and I tried to think of a fitting way to celebrate. Unfortunately, the day job intervened and I didn’t have time, which is more or less the story of my life for the past eight months. Ho hum.

So happy birthday, website and I’m sorry the best I could come up with was a balloon image. You’ve done pretty well over the last year, and I hope you last for many more.

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News? Well I was interviewed the other day by the fantastically indispensable Ginger Nuts of Horror. Jim asked me a lot of questions, which I was happy to answer because there’s nothing I like more than talking about me. I feel for the reader who sticks with my ramblings for the full length of the article though. Huge thanks to Jim for allowing me a small corner of what is an excellent site.

And reviews… Well we’ve picked up a few for World’s Collider. This one from Michael R. Collings covers both the shared-world anthology and contributor Trent Zelazny’s Nightscape Press novella, Butterfly Potion. We’ve also picked up five 5-star reviews on Amazon, which is lovely to see. People seem to really be digging it, so all that hard work seems to be paying off. Couple that with great sales in the first two weeks and some jaw-dropping Amazon ranking numbers (at times), and I’d say our first two weeks since launch has been a rousing success.

I assume if you’re read this far you are at least slightly interested in World’s Collider even if you’ve not read it yet. So how can you help the success continue?

Well, if you’d like to review the anthology for your book review blog, etc, let me know in the comments and I would be happy to send you an e-copy to read. Honest reviews welcome, whether you enjoyed the book or not so much.

If you’ve bought the book already and plan to read it, a review left on Amazon would be hugely appreciated. Again, whether you loved or loathed it, we want to hear your opinions.

If you have a Facebook account, you can share some links on your wall perhaps. That would be outstanding.

And don’t forget to “like” the Facebook fan page.

Do tweet us to your followers too. That would be great. I’m also available for interviews or features for your site, and I can probably get you some of the writers to answer questions too, for the right price (kidding).

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, do please let me know.

I leave you with some quotes from World’s Collider reviews.

What a GREAT read! I picked this up yesterday and read it all last night until my eyes couldn’t stay open, and then finished it this morning. It was so good I simply couldn’t wait to post a review! – Anastasia

Using the different authors to create a novel worked much better than I honestly had expected. I was drawn into this story of chaos and the effect on mankind and the planet. I continued to read to know what would happen next and was left thinking about the novel as I was away from it. – Nessapants

How all these people, living all over the world, have managed to write something that holds together as a gripping story that will have you wanting more and more, and yet maintained their own style as story tellers is beyond me. It’s just absolutely brilliant. – HarleyGirl

As each carefully structured and meticulously placed story progresses, readers become gradually aware that there is a direction, that seemingly minor events or characters in one story might return with increasing significance, that what appears phantasmagorical in one story (a train that runs on tracks made of bone, for example) is in fact a critical part of the ultimate resolution … Highly recommended – Michael R Collings

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write a review for us or repost links to us somewhere. It means the world.

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