Three Anthologies

It’s anthology day on July 10th, or at least it is for me. Firstly, there’s this:

Fantasy For Good

It’s been a busy few weeks for Fantasy For Good, the new anthology I’ve launched with Jordan Ellinger to benefit colon cancer research and awareness. We’re now open for submissions, and we will be until August 31st. If you’d like to submit a fantasy short story in any sub-genre, we’d love to see it. Please follow the guidelines for the sake of our sanity. You have until August 31st to submit. SUBMIT! You WILL submit to me! Puny human! Er… sorry, got carried away…

So far we’ve added some pretty big names to the roster. We’ve announced Piers Anthony, Alan Dean Foster, Nnedi Okorafor and Michael Moorcock! And there’s many more to come, so keep watching this space.

And then there’s this…


Believe it or not, World’s Collider was published one year ago, July 10th 2012! To celebrate, we’ve dropped the price to 99c for the Kindle edition for a limited time. So if you’ve never partaken of this mosaic novel featuring Steven Savile, Richard Wright, Aaron Rosenberg, Jonathan Green, James Moran, Trent Zelazny and Steve Lockley, now’s your chance to grab it for a low price.

Get it from Amazon US, Amazon UK or Amazon Canada. If you let us know what you think by leaving a review, you’ll make me very happy. Unless it’s a negative review, in which case you’ll make me very happy until I read it, and then very sad. But don’t worry, I’ll get over it.

And lastly there’s this…


In just two weeks, This is How You Die (Machine of Death 2), will be released. I have a story in it, which is still something that makes me pinch myself… or is that just a thing I like doing? The editors want to hit the New York Times Bestsellers list, and I’m all for that. So if you fancy pre-ordering it then please be my guest. The print version counts towards that list.

I implore you to check out this page. There’s all the pre-order info you need from various retailers, plus information about the book and a very entertaining trailer that amply demonstrates the concept of the Machine of Death.

More soon!

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