Fantasy For Good – Submissions Update

Fantasy For GoodIf you submitted a story to the Fantasy For Good open subs window, Jordan and I would like to sincerely thank you for sending us your work. This post contains a list of all the titles we received, so you can check to make sure we’re considering your story and it didn’t get lost.

First though, an update on where we are with the anthology. We received 106 stories during our open reading period. For a fantasy anthology, that’s pretty good. Nearly everyone followed the guidelines, for which we’re very grateful. Everyone’s story will be read before we respond to anyone, to make things as fair as possible. We ask for your patience during this time and a reminder to please not submit your story elsewhere before you hear from us.

For any of you who are members of the SFWA or Codex, you may have seen that we have issued a new open call to members to submit stories to this anthology. This is not because we didn’t get enough good submissions during the general open window that just closed. We decided to do a separate call to these writers’ organizations so that we don’t get overwhelmed with stories in one period, and so that nobody has to wait six months for a response.

We have reserved at least three slots in the anthology for stories we’ve received from the general call over the last three months. We may decide to take more than three, but that’s the minimum, regardless of what happens with the call to the SFWA and Codex or our ongoing negotiations with Big Name Writers (BNWs!) 

So the next step in the process for those who submitted to the general open call, is for us to finish reading every submission. As the two of us go through them, we’re referring stories we like to each other and placing those that are not what we’re looking for into the rejection pile. Both editors have to love a story for it to be shortlisted. Once we’ve been through every story we will respond to all the writers to let them know if they have been shortlisted or rejected. We will also try to explain why we reached this decision and maybe provide some pointers and suggestions, which you are welcome to ignore :)

Shortlisted stories will do battle to the death! Our favourite three will be accepted. The rest may be selected or may be rejected, depending on how many slots we have left available. It’s always the hardest part of the process, having to reject a story you love.

Enough waffling. Here’s the list of story titles we received between July 1st and September 30th. If you don’t see your story title in the list, please email us at and let us know it’s missing. Note: once accepted, story titles are subject to change. Again, this is just a list of what we have received in alphabetical order and is not an indication of reading order or of any decisions made thus far.

A Near Miss
A Sip of Water
A Taste of Agony
A Time for Everything Under the Heavens
Abd al-Hakim’s Quest
After The End of Magic
After The Music
Alchemy and Old Lace
Alma’s Passage
Ancestor’s Day
Angel Tears
Battling the Shikome
Birds of Bablyon
Bones of a Righteous Man
Champion of Chains
Cycles of Cities and Forests
Death Twice Over
Death’s Wish
Demon Dreams
Desert Jellyfish
Dragon Bound
Elroy Wooden Sword
Empty Nests
Faraway Land
Father Time in the Clockwork Universe
Flight of the Wingless
Free Me!
Get Oscar
Get The King!
Glass Caskets
Help Wanted
Her War: A Long History
Here Be Dragons
Hole train
Hunting the Black Dragon
If There’s Anyone Here Who Weeps Like Mary
It’s The Stories
Jefferson Ball and the Little People
John Dillinger and the Blind Magician
Kayla and the Gaborchend
Learning Curve
Light Reborn
Lost in the Woods
Low Red Moon
Magic is our Life
Maid of Ink
Marrying the Sea
Moon Glass
My First Time
Myself to Myself
Of Monsters and Men
One Last Dance
Pigment on Paper
Salt of the Earth
Sand and Teeth
Smiles as bright as the sun
Soul of Fire
Stained Glass
Stone Heart
Sugar Baby
Take Cover!
The Almost Legendary Shannon
The Bending
The Black Bull
The Care And Feeding Of Your New Pet Dragon
The Dirt Nap
The Farm
The Feathered Cloak
The First Sword
The Flower
The Grand Conversation was Under the Rose
The House on Paladin Court
The House That Was Not There
The Lair of the Mantipede
The Last True Wizard
The Legacy Box
The Little Amador Railroad
The Power of the First
The Red Lord’s Gift
The Save Game Scroll
The Seas of Heaven
The Traveler
The Healer’s Sister
There Followed the Wind
Traveling in the Gray Country
Waiting in Red Silk
Watch What Happens
We Between
What Goes Around
What is Charity?
Where Have All the Will-o-the-wisps Gone?

Thanks again everyone. We’ll keep you posted regularly. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section. Also be sure to like the Facebook page for all the latest news.

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