A new book!

At last! I have a new book coming out! The Ogmios Directive is about to undergo a huge relaunch! That includes rewritten and reworked reissues of the first four books, a brand new series design and two all-new additions. One of which is co-written by me!

Here are all the covers together.

All very spiffy. And take a look at book number 5. Is that my name on the cover? I was beginning to forget what that felt like.

Here’s Shining Ones in all its individual glory.


Lovely. Kudos to Tik Dalton for the awesome covers.

Take a look at the Amazon listing if you’re interested in pre-ordering a copy, and you definitely should. (UK version here) Release date is April 17th 2017 from the lovely Snowbooks, and I couldn’t be more excited if you painted me green and called me Laverne.

Watch this space for more information and possibly an excerpt!


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