Professor Bernice Summerfield: A Life Worth Living

Nothing Up My Sleeve is my one and only foray into the world of archaeologist Professor Bernice Summerfield, a former companion from the Doctor Who novels. It appeared in the collection A Life Worth Living, edited by Simon Guerrier and published by Big Finish Productions.

There aren’t many reviews of this volume, but here’s a spirit-lifting one from Tom Swift.

A very, very odd magician story. Lightly amusing but inconsequential.
5 / 10

Actually I have no problem with negative statements about my work. I am always grateful when people take the time to read my work, let alone review it, so any feedback is appreciated.

Here Joe Ford’s review from the Ratings Guide.

A bit pointless but some welcome levity between two far more serious tales. Every series has a stab at the magic trick episode and this Benny’s turn although to be honest it isn’t really long enough (or well explained enough) to really work. A few nice twists here and there (although I never truly believed one character was dead) and some fun Benny/Jason interaction (she’s always a giggle when she’s jealous) but really this the equivalent of the filler book in the BBC schedule that turns up each year. The Brotherhood of magicians is an idea so absurd it never had a chance to work: C plus

I’d actually kind of agree with all of that!

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