Waiting For Jeremy Review

A member of Gallifrey Base who calls himself Svelte Kroton (he used to be Cuddly) has embarked on a read-a-thon of all the Short Trips volumes.

Here’s his review of Waiting For Jeremy from A Day in the Life.

Waiting For Jeremy
by Richard Salter

The First Doctor, and Steven.

Unrequited love letters.

A small cafe.

Time Period:
08:52 – present day, and 1953.

Page Count:

The Writing:
Like Waiting For Godot, only with fewer Godots, and more Jeremies.

The Doctor:
wishes he could have a more mature companion.

The Companions:
Steven convinces the Doctor to go back in time and change history.

Favourite Quote:
“And you mean to tell me you’ve been coming here
every single morning for over fifty years,
waiting for a man who is clearly never going to arrive?”

The Verdict:
A bittersweet tale of hopeless romance,
and an object lesson in why you should
never trust American soldiers.
Quietly tragic, in a very interesting way.