A Star Is Reborn Review

A member of Gallifrey Base who calls himself Svelte Kroton (he used to be Cuddly) has embarked on a read-a-thon of all the Short Trips volumes.

Here’s his review of A Star Is Reborn from Life Science.

A Star Is Reborn
by Richard Salter

The Sixth Doctor, and Peri.

An unstoppable army of boy bands.

A Lifemarket, specialising in black market necrobiology.

Time Period:
Ten years after the old normal market closed down.
Bodybeppling is mentioned so presumably around the
time of Original Sin.

Continuity Placement:
Follows on from The Ruins Of Heaven.
The TARDIS still has faults, so its pre-Ultimate Evil

Page Count:

The Writing:
Very amusing and entertaining.

The Doctor:
gets mistaken for an animated cadaver.

The Companions:
Peri owns a teddybear named Rhodes.
Her substitute teddybear is named Taylor.
I’m sensing a theme here…

Favourite Quote:
“Peri was used to disappointment.
Usually the Doctor’s promises turned out to be letdowns.
This time he had excelled himself.”

The Verdict:
An exiled scientist finds a niche bringing celebrities
back to life, but the Doctor blunders in and assumes
an army is being built. Chaos ensues.