Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas

The proposal for The Crackers was literally written in about 45 minutes. It’s the fastest synopsis I’ve ever written for anything, so imagine my surprise when Cavan and Mark came back and said yes please. This story was originally intended to feature Tom Baker’s Doctor and Romana (the second), but I was asked to change it to Colin’s Doctor with Big Finish companion Evelyn.

I was never very happy with it, but the review puts The Crackers into the “well worth sampling” category, which I can certainly live with.

Here’s Mr Styre again, with a mixed reaction.

The Crackers — Richard Salter — I like the narration, and I like the way Evelyn is incorporated into the plot, but ultimately the resolution feels a bit too abstract for my taste. The image of the sixth Doctor as an awkward Santa Claus in a tattered costume more than makes up for it, however.

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