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I’m the one on the left. The good-looking one is Mia.

I am a writer of sorts. What does that mean? Well, I’m not a writer of all sorts because literary fiction this ain’t, romance isn’t my bag (as I’m sure my long-suffering wife will attest), and you’re not going to find the next The Lord of the Rings amongst my output. So really I’m a writer of some sorts, but that’s a mouthful.

I’m somewhere between British and Canadian. I was born in the former and live in the latter. I moved for love (awww) and stay for the little chocolate malt balls they sell in Loblaws that are bigger than Maltesers and don’t have that weird cumulative aftertaste. OK, fine, I actually stay because I like it here, and because it would be a bugger to spend time with the wife and kids if I lived on a different continent.

Moving on…

By day (and evenings, actually) I work for a software company as a program manager. I don’t make any TV programs (more’s the pity) but they call me that anyway. This is a full time job that often spills into evenings and weekends. I am also the father of two terrific boys (ages 3 and 6). This is another full time job. Because I don’t have enough full time jobs, I also write. Occasionally I even sleep.

One day I want to write full time, as in all my working time. I fear without the discipline of an office and a boss this may just descend into endless web surfing, computer game playing and TV watching, followed by lots of red bills and eventual homelessness.

I’ve written over twenty published short stories and a entire USB-drive full of horrible unpublished ones. Some of the published ones are tie-ins (mostly Doctor Who) and the rest fall under the speculative fiction banner. In 2008 a book was published with my name on the cover. I didn’t write all of it though. It was a Doctor Who short story collection called Short Trips: Transmissions for Big Finish Productions. I remain over-enthusiastically proud of it to this day, even though it’s out of print.

My biggest story sales to date are included in Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction, Phobophobia (from Dark Continents Publishing), a Warhammer story in Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology (from Black Library), Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology, and This is How You Die (Machine of Death 2), for which I beat out 2,000 story submissions for a place in the collection. Still reeling from that one.

My shared-world apocalyptic anthology, World’s Collider, can also be described as a Mosaic novel. I didn’t write a story for that one, I left that to the more talented folks who appear in its pages. I did edit it though – that took some doing let me tell you, since all the stories fit together into one narrative.

My next anthology Fantasy For Good, which benefits the Colon Cancer Alliance. This collection of top fantasy fiction features the likes of Michael Moorcock, Piers Anthony, Carrie Vaughn, Katharine Kerr, Kelley Armstrong, Alan Dean Foster, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin and so many more. This project was two years in the making and yet my co-editor, Jordan Ellinger, and I are still on speaking terms.

Nightscape Press have published my debut novel, The Patchwork House. It’s a haunted house story set in the English countryside and pits four friends against a malevolent spirit that can manipulate time itself…

I have other projects on the go, but I can’t talk about them right now.

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