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The short bio

Richard Salter is a British writer and editor living in Toronto, Canada. He has written and co-written several novels, most notably The Patchwork House (a ghost story with a time travel twist) and Shining Ones with Steven Savile (a thriller in the Ogmios Directive series). He co-edited Fantasy For Good, a charity anthology featuring huge names in the genre such as Piers Anthony, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin and Michael Moorcock, which benefits the Colon Cancer Alliance. He has written short fiction for Doctor Who and Warhammer, and has a story in This Is How You Die, the sequel to the popular Machine of Death. He lives outside Toronto, Ontario with his wife, two sons and dog Stella.


The long, waffly bio

It’s been a while since I updated this page and much has happened since then, so here we go then. I am now a writer of more sorts than I was a few years back. I added thrillers to the list of genres I write in, along with sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I still live near Toronto, Canada with my wife and two boys (11 and 8), but my dog Mia passed on in 2017. Our latest family addition is Stella, a 22 pound crazed mix of bulldog, pomeranian and chihuahua.

I’m a project manager for an IT company with aspirations of one day being a full time writer, hopefully in time to fund my retirement. In the meantime I’ve written over twenty published short stories and plenty of terrible unpublished ones. Some of the published ones are tie-ins (such as Doctor Who and Warhammer) and the rest fall under the speculative fiction banner. In 2008 I edited a Doctor Who short story collection called Short Trips: Transmissions for Big Finish Productions, which you can pick up on eBay for far more than it’s worth.

My biggest story sales to date are included in Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction, a Warhammer story in Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology (from Black Library), Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology, and This is How You Die (Machine of Death 2), for which I beat out 2,000 story submissions for a place in the collection. That was a good day.

My shared-world apocalyptic anthology, World’s Collider, can also be described as a Mosaic novel. I didn’t write a story for that one, I left that to the more talented folks who appear in its pages. My name goes on the cover though, which seems unfair, but I did edit the whole shebang into one shared-world storyline that reads (sort of) like a novel.

I co-edited the anthology Fantasy For Good with Jordan Ellinger. The collection benefits the Colon Cancer Alliance and features top fantasy fiction features the likes of Michael Moorcock, Piers Anthony, Carrie Vaughn, Katharine Kerr, Kelley Armstrong, Alan Dean Foster, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin and so many more. So far, Fantasy for Good has raised over $600 US for the CCA and continues to sell to this day.

Nightscape Press published my debut novel, The Patchwork House in 2012. It’s a haunted house story set in the English countryside and pits four friends against a malevolent spirit that can manipulate time to screw with their heads.

Since then I’ve been working with Steven Savile on his Ogmios related books, the successors to his mega-successful thriller Silver first published ten years ago. Our first collaboration, Shining Ones, was released in 2017 and we’re working on more books in the series to come.

I’ve written a couple of other books I can’t talk about, and I have stuff in the works. Maybe one day I’ll be able to talk about them.

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I wish to thank the following people.

Jennifer, my wife, for her honest opinions, support and patience

Paul Silver – web developer, for helping to set up this site and answering my dumb questions

Lupe Ugarte – my terrific mother-in-law, for watching the kids on a Sunday afternoon when I have a looming deadline

Chris Salter – my mother, for being nice about The Patchwork House


These talented folks have artwork that appears on my site.

Kizuna cover by Christian Krank

Decalog 4 cover by Colin Howard

Short Trips: Transmissions cover by Richard Atkinson

Iris: Abroad cover by Paul Hanley

Short Trips: The Centenarian cover by Red Ink

Solaris Rising cover by Pye Parr

A Life Worth Living cover by Adrian Salmon

World’s Collider cover by Lukas Thelin

More to come…