Solaris Rising – List of Reviews

Here is a simple list of all the Solaris Rising reviews available online. For summaries, editorializing and me being endlessly self-congratulatory when anyone says something even vaguely nice about my story, check out this much longer, page.

Best SF site, review by Mark Watson

Fantasy Book Critic, review by Liviu Suciu

Locus Online, review by Lois Tilton.

A Fantastical Librarian

Geek Chocolate, review by Michael Flett.

Amazon review by Rebecca/Liz

Amazon review by J. George

Fantasy Book Review by Pippa Jay

The Rise of Superior SF“, the Terror-Tree review by Theresa Derwin.

SFX Magazine (print only)

BBC Focus magazine (print only)

Gardner Dozois in Locus (print only)

SFF Chronicles site, review by Ian Sales

Goodreads, review by Simon Maynard.

Morpheus Tales #15 Supplement

SF Crowsnest, review by Patrick Mahon

Mass Movement Magazine, review by Martijn

Disaster Couch review

Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus, review by Alexandra Pierce

If you know of any more that I may have missed, please let me know in the comments below.

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