Submissions for World’s Collider – update

The call for submissions for World’s Collider went out just a week ago and already I’ve received twenty story proposals, which is amazing. Some great ideas coming in but keep them coming. No decisions will be made until after the August 31st deadline, so there’s still plenty of time to get that idea written up and sent in.

Nobody’s going to get rejected for not following the guidelines to the letter, especially since I revised them mid-way through the week. However, please keep in mind the following:

  • Please send me your proposal as an attachment in word or RTF format.
  • The filename of the attachment should be the story title and your name.
  • The subject line of your e-mail needs to include the phrase “World’s Collider
  • I need to get a feel for the complete story you want to tell, so don’t just tell me what comes through the rift. I also need to know what effect it has on your characters and on the world. Not everything needs to be nailed down of course – everything is subject to change.  But I do need to get a sense of a beginning, middle and end, and beyond if relevant.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Please provide a rough word count for your finished story, assuming I ask you to write it.
  • If I’m not familiar with your writing I may request a sample. Please don’t take this personally, and don’t take it to mean I definitely want your story either :)

Please remember to “like” the Facebook page for this collection.

Thanks for your interest and support. This is going to be a fantastic collection!

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