Myth Makers: Pseudoscope now available!

The Doctor Who zine I used to edit, Myth Makers, is under new management and has a new issue available to order. Pseudoscope features stories written around the theme of altered perception. The new editors, Andrew Kearley and Matt Grady, were gracious enough to accept an unpublished story of mine that was originally written for a now-defunct project and happened to fit the theme really nicely. It’s called Centrepoint and it features the eighth Doctor and his companions from the BBC Books range, Fitz and Anji.

Here’s the blurb:

All is not what it seems on the planet Garden. While the Doctor is fascinated by a holographic planet in the local science museum, Anji sees a ghost and Fitz discovers he can fly. Why can’t the TARDIS leave? Which reality is the real one? And where is the Centrepoint? Perhaps the little boy with the blue blanket has the answers.

This issue features eight stories, each one illustrated by some great artists. My story is privileged to be accompanied by a stunning piece of artwork from the very talented Carolyn Edwards. You can see it below (click for full size). Take a look at more of her fantastic work

If you like your Who fiction unofficial and delicious, and written by the likes of Dale Smith, please order a copy.

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