Bigfoot Tales Released!

This time last year I never expected to be writing a Bigfoot story. But here it is! It’s called Loggers, it appears in the newly released collection Bigfoot Tales from Open Casket Press (publishers of World’s Collider) and it was a blast to write!

I saw a call for submissions to a different Bigfoot anthology some time back. Honestly I was stumped. How on Earth could I think of something new and interesting to do with a creature seemingly so limited in scope and appeal. So I moved on to something else.

Then Mark Christopher announced he was putting together a collection featuring the furry big guy for Open Casket Press. Again I was stumped. And then I remembered something really cool I’d seen in an internet article a few weeks earlier and I had it. Bigfoot vs… what? You’ll have to read the story to find out! :)

With stories from: Josh Nichols, Rick Moore, Anthony Giangregorio, Suzanne Robb, Vincenzo Bilof, Dane Hatchell, Terry Alexander, Dustin Stevens, Kevin Hosey, Jack St. Joseph, Richard Salter, James Jeffrey Paul, Kelly M. Hudson and Alan Spencer.

Bigfoot Tales is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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