The story behind the World’s Collider cover!

So here it is, the cover to World’s Collider. I’m pretty pleased with it.

The cover image was produced by Lukas Thelin of Foxrain, a digital media company based in Sweden and associated with World’s Collider contributor, Steven Savile. He approached me around the time we were looking for a new publisher and offered Foxrain’s services for a cover. Now, I already had a cover artist lined up, the fantastically talented Carolyn Edwards who produced the wonderful Eiffel Tower image that adorns our eye-catching postcards. She also produced an image of the rift that I loved, but the nothing-to-lose offer of a cover from Foxrain, which usually costs a pretty penny, was something I couldn’t turn down. I explained the situation to Carolyn and she was cool with it, and we will still be using that fantastic tower image in the book and for promotion.

So here it is! It went through a few iterations, and at some point I asked for monsters and boy did I get them! I am very grateful to Lukas and Steve, and to Foxrain for the use of their services. And also thanks to Carolyn, the writers, to Nightscape and everyone interested enough to be reading this, for all your support. I may cry a little now. Look away. It’s not seemly.

As for the anthology itself, it’s coming together really nicely and we’re into the final stretch. I’m very excited about how this is turning out and I hope you will love reading it as much as I’m loving putting it together. It’ll be released before you know it…

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