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We’re getting very close to World’s Collider’s release date now and in the meantime we have some cool stuff for you.

Firstly is the anthology’s very first author blurb. It comes from the talented and lovely Ian Whates, author of novels City of Dreams and Nightmare and The Noise Within, and editor of Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction. He loved the book and provided the following blurb to include on the back cover.

“Editor Richard Salter has overseen the creation of a chilling hi-octane future in which reality has been warped into nightmare by scientific disaster.  Each component cranks up the tension and the disparate tales combine in mosaic-fashion to deliver a truly gripping narrative.”

Thanks so much, Ian!

Next up we have a new World’s Collider interview, with ALL of our writers! Well, nearly all of them. Most of our contributors gather to give answers to ten questions posed by me. Occasionally the answers are even sensible.

Lastly, here’s some trivia related to World’s Collider.

  • The book is currently tracking to be a 468-page behemoth
  • The total word count is around 118,500 words
  • Our recurring protagonist, Scott Fletcher, was originally named George, and then Shane.
  • The anthology contains twenty-one stories by twenty writers
  • The PDF of World’s Collider is about 68megs…
  • World’s Collider (under a different name) was first pitched to a publisher in April 2008.
  • The pitch was successful but never got as far as a call for submissions because the publisher’s focus shifted away from anthologies and the book was dropped.
  • Natalie Murphy, another recurring protagonist, originally came from Richard Wright’s story, Twitchers. She was once a he, one Findo Gask. Richard blogs the story here.
  • World’s Collider is released on July 10th.
Check back tomorrow for details on where you can order World’s Collider.
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