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Hello dear readers. Yes, it’s certainly been a long time since I posted an update to this fair site. I’m sure you’ve been unable to breathe in the meantime, so I’m sorry if you ended up asphyxiating on my account. The day job bestowed upon me a promotion at the start of 2013 and things have been insanely hectic ever since. My writing output for the last five months has slumped to almost nothing.

But stuff has happened. Oh yes! It has happened. Let’s crack on with some exciting updates!

Firstly, there’s the news that Nightscape Press, publishers of World’s Collider, have agreed to take on my debut novel. Yes you read that right, I will finally have a novel published by the end of this year. The Patchwork House is a haunted house story with a twist, something I hope will make it stand out from the crowd. More details will be revealed as we hurtle through the rest of the year.

Secondly, I’m editing another anthology! Or co-editing to be precise. Yes, that’s the astonishing cover at the top of this post, painted by the incomparable Paul Pederson. Fantasy For Good is the follow up to last year’s highly successful Horror For Good and will be edited by myself and Jordan Ellinger. Nightscape will be doing the publishing honours once again and the hope is we will snag lots of big names from the world of fantasy publishing and raise a ton of cash for colon cancer research.

Please like the Facebook page for this anthology. There will be open submissions and we’ll be announcing the details soon.

And lastly (for now), my story in This Is How You Die (the sequel to the enormously popular Machine of Death) got a mention in an early review from Publishers Weekly! The book is out in July and is already making some waves. I can’t wait to watch this one shoot up the Amazon charts when it’s released…

Oh and one more thing. I have a story in Nightscapes Volume 1, a forthcoming anthology from who else but Nightscape Press. The story is called Worldly Possessions and here’s the very cool cover by Gerald Seiberling.

And finally (I’ll come in again), this was recently released. I have a story in it. It’s for sale on Amazon. Really I’m done now.

More updates soon (I hope!)

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